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Dried Coconut article


"Save the world" million of people said. But in the reallity we spend, almost finished, resources of the wolrd. People of the world have just think about reuse, recycle, for the past 20 years. We are one who learn how to...and have doing this for about 10 years. We use natural materials which is... 

1) left in the nature.. such as leaf, pod, seed,
bark, branch, stem, fruit  etc.

 2) left in the crops field such as skeleton leaves from rubber tree, parts of coconut fruit and tree, shell of seed from nuts, baby fruit of custard apple, etc. 

3) weed, plant which grows in the field, river or swam, but has no uses, such as water hyacinth, loofah, sanoe or hamp sesbania, rush or sedge, cyad etc.

4) paper vase form newspaper , we blend the newspaper until it become muddy like clay, and use it to make flower vase.

The above four sources are main material that we use for flower craft. You can learn about our flower from this column, then you will find that it is one of a true sustainable flower crafts.

 COCONUT   becomes  A FLOWER

 Ones who has ever been to the beach in Southeast Asia realized that coconut tree is one of the fascinating scenes. There you could feel …a long white sand beach cover with the blue sky, curved rows of coconut tree vanished at a small cape as the end of your eye sight … free relaxed. Coconut trees not only give relaxing, but it is a good craft supplier, in our country, coconut and all parts give us a various uses. Leaves can be crafted as a hat, fruit give us food, and the water inside “coconut milk” is the magic juice. Coconut tree can be a house, a pier, many handmade crafts and home decorative items. And one un-expecting uses is making our flowers....

to be continued


Sanoe article

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